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As you’ll see, we’re not just a manufacturer of carts. Instead, Carts of Colorado is a source for solutions. We’ve helped businesses operate more efficiently —and profitably — by providing standardized kiosks and other modular systems where appropriate and fine-tuned custom mobile food carts and other custom solutions where necessary.

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Custom Design Your Cart, Kiosk or Modular System

Take the first step in turning your
vision into reality.

We specialize in custom projects. In fact, it’s one of the things we do best. Follow the links below to use our Mobile Cart Customizer, or our Kiosk Customizer. Fill out the form at the end of the customizers and we’ll contact you with information on how to get started.

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Featured Products

POSNEW! iAPS® DS-247i – Wireless Handheld POS.

Integrates with any existing POS system. Click below to find out more about our new all-in-one mobile POS for iPhone® and iPod® touch.

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Plans & Pricing

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ChillChamberChill Chamber™ Beer Merchandisers

Combine unmatched cooling precision and merchandising style with a Budweiser-branded Chill Chamber. read more

SuperColdSuper Cold Beer Merchandisers

Keep beverages at the ideal chill level in these innovative, MillerCoors-branded beer merchandisers. read more

SuperCold SuperCold
50 Cart Condiment Ice Cream Kiosk

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